New Scholarly eBooks Solve Reference Search Woes for Scientific, Technical, Medical and Business Information

[June 15, 2011] ATLANTA - A new online, reference eBook service promises to make life much easier for scholars searching for the latest and best information on scientific, technical, medical and business topics.

detailed at, is written exclusively from peer-reviewed and scholarly sources. Research and studies reported in each volume are free of the fluff, hyperbole, and inaccuracies that sometimes contaminate online media today.

“When we were developing we recognized the need for a new type of reference source, something with both superior credibility as well as superior attribution,” said Susan Hasty, publisher,

provides thousands of eBooks with the latest research on economics, finance, business, industry, government, education, biotech, healthcare, medicine, agriculture, chemistry, math, engineering, computers, and many other sciences and technologies.

“Students and information technologists seeking authoritative and credible information now have the convenience of reference eBooks that aggregate reports on all the latest research into one resource, easily accessible through major online content providers,” Hasty said.

All the content in is from peer-reviewed and scholarly sources, with full source contact information, full journal citations, keywords or MeSH codes, and pertinent quotations from the authors of the original research.

In a peer review, independent experts evaluate the validity of the research, making a judgment on the credibility of results and the appropriateness of the design and methodology of any underlying experiments or studies. All research findings included in are both significant and original.

will be available at online content providers or aggregators, and additional details are at, which also has sample ebooks.

is available from , the 26-year-old Atlanta-based publisher of 190 news weeklies for professionals in most scientific and technical fields. has won an eHealthcare Leadership Award for each of the past six years.