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Digital Books from Peer-Reviewed and Scholarly Sources
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are eBooks built on the extensive information databases of
5 million articles from peer-reviewed and scholarly sources.

  • deliver information in depth in viewable eBooks written for professionals and other thought leaders who need to know what’s happening in economics, finance, business, industry, government, education, biotech, healthcare, medicine, science, agriculture, chemistry, math, engineering, computers, technology, and other top interest fields.
  • Field for field, place for place, company for company, eBooks present news and information that is wider and deeper than what you can access anywhere else: more reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant.
  • Each eBook is sourced from the latest discoveries in peer-reviewed and scholarly journals. The content, therefore, is reported from unique sources, including the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. There are no press releases, no newswire feeds, and no vague third-party “opinions.”
  • Only the authors of the peer-reviewed and scholarly research themselves are quoted in our eBooks. All are written, assembled, and edited by the editors at and available exclusively from us.

An Authoritative eBook Reference Alternative

Unparalleled volume, depth, breadth, authority, focus, and relevance make a unique alternative to conventional print and online reference sources for practitioners, researchers, professionals, CEOs, managers, analysts, consultants, and investors in every major field and industry, as well as for educators and students at every level.

Three Unique eBook Reference Products

The latest in high-speed computer-aided reporting (CAR) and advanced digital technology enable to offer specialized publications to match the most exacting needs and interests.

  • publications are full-length eBooks devoted to broad topics in every field.
  • publications are shorter eBooks focusing on more narrowly defined subjects.
  • publications present digital white papers on current and emerging issues in many fields.
  • All three products are instantly viewable and updated annually or semiannually. New and digital publications are produced continually.